Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Entry for ENG276

What is my problem in using English on my daily conversation and how can I overcome it.

Actually I don't have any problem to use English in my daily conversation. But, still is become a problem to me when I not have any confidence too use it my conversation because I feel humble with myself. I also feel afraid to  talk in front of many people, especially when I need to make a presentation.

How I overcome it, well I build the confidence by learn it in class.  After I take English subject in this college, I start to use English little by little in my daily conversation, especially with my friend. I use a easy pronunciation and even it still has many mistake, I try to upgrade my pronounce. I and my friend try to use English when we had any presentation and sometimes we use it when we message with each other on phone. In this college we need to take subject Public Speaking in this semester, on this class I try to repair my pronunciation and  build more confident to speak in front of people. Now, I also buy a English book or magazine to read in to repair my vocabulary and pronunciation. also, I borrow book on library to read in when I have any free time and to advance my skill I also serve internet to learn English. So, that how i overcome my problem in using English in my daily conversation.

Applez PicTure

Applez PicTure